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On the human consumption of the red seaweed dulse (Palmaria palmata (L.) Weber & Mohr) (O. G. Mouritsen, C. Dawczynski, L. Duelund, G. Jahreis, W. Vetter, and M. Schroder) J. Appl. Phycol. DOI 10.1007/s10811-013-0014-7 (2013).

The name of deliciousness and the gastrophysics behind it (O. G. Mouritsen, L. Duelund, L. A. Bagatolli, and H. Khandelia) Flavour 2 : 9 (2013).

Lipids, curvature stress, and the action of lipid prodrugs: Free fatty acids and lysolipid enhancement of drug transport across liposomal membranes (H. Jespersen, J. H. Andersen, H. J. Ditzel, and O. G. Mouritsen) Biochimie 94, 2-10 (2012).

Phospholipase A2-susceptible liposomes of anticancer double lipid prodrugs (A. Arouri and O. G. Mouritsen) Eur. J. Pharm. Sci. 45, 408-420 (2012).

Influence of the active compounds of Perilla frutescens leaves on lipid membranes (L. Duelund, A. Amiot, A. Fillon, and O. G. Mouritsen) J. Nat. Prod. 75, 160-166 (2012).

Seaweeds for umami flavour in the New Nordic Cuisine (O. G. Mouritsen, L. Williams, R. Bjerregaard, and L. Duelund) Flavour 1: 4 (2012).

The emerging science of gastrophysics and its application to the algal cuisine (O. G. Mouritsen) Flavour  1: 6 (2012).

Characterization of fluorinated catansomes: a promising vector in drug-delivery (K. R. Rosholm, A. Arouri, P. L. Hansen, A. González-Pérez, and O. G. Mouritsen) Langmuir 28, 2773-2781 (2012).

Protein Kinase A (PKA) Phosphorylation of the Na+/K+-ATPase Opens an Intracellular C-terminal Water Pathway Leading to the Third Na+-binding site in Molecular Dynamics Simulations (H. Poulsen, P. Nissen, O. G. Mouritsen, and H. Khandelia) J. Biol. Chem. 287, 15959-15965 (2012).

Molecular mechanism of the allosteric enhancement of the umami taste sensation (O. G. Mouritsen and H. Khandelia) FEBS J.  279, 3112-3120 (2012).

Intrinsic reaction-cycle time scale of Na+,K+-ATPase manifests itself in the lipid-protein interactions of non-equilibrium membranes (H. Bouvrais, F.  Cornelius, J. H. Ipsen, and O. G. Mouritsen) PNAS 109, 18442-18446 (2012).


Thermodynamics of lipid interactions (O. G. Mouritsen) In Encyclopedia of Biophysics (G. C. K. Roberts, Ed. in Chief) Springer, pp. 2606-2613  (2013).


Physical chemistry of curvature and curvature stress in membranes (O. G. Mouritsen) Curr. Phys. Chem. 3,  17-26 (2013).


Membrane-perturbing effect of fatty acids and lysolipids (A. Arouri and O. G. Mouritsen) Prog. Lip. Res. 52, 130-140 (2013).


A role for dietary macroalgae in the amelioration of certain risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease (M. L. Cornish, A. T. Critchley, and O. G. Mouritsen) In Marine Algae - Features and Applications to be published (2013).


Gastrophysics—do we need it? (O. G. Mouritsen and J. Risbo) Guest Editorial to Special Issue on Gastrophysics. Flavour 2 : 3 (2013).


Culinary science in Denmark: Molecular gastronomy and beyond  (J. Risbo, O. G. Mouritsen, M. B. Frøst, J. D. Evans, and B. Reade) J. Culinary Sci. Technol. 11, 111-130 (2013).


Lipases, liposomes and lipid-prodrugs (A. Arouri, A. H. Hansen, T. E. Rasmussen, and O. G. Mouritsen) Curr. Opin. Colloid Int. Sci. To be published in August 2013.


Umami flavour as a means to regulate food intake and to improve nutrition and health (O. G. Mouritsen) Nutri. Health 21,  56-75 (2012).


Membrane protein-lipid match and mismatch (O. G. Mouritsen) In Comprehensive Biophysics. Vol. 5 Membranes (E. H. Egelman & L. K. Tamm, eds.) Academic Press, Oxford, pp. 245-260 (2012).

Umami flavour as a means to regulate food intake and to improve nutrition and health (O. G. Mouritsen) Nutrition & Health 21,  56-75(2012).

Popular articles

Sushi science: sense sushi—sushi sense—sushi sensei (O. G. Mouritsen) ODYSSEY, April, pp. 5-9 (2013).

How umami works (O. G. Mouritsen) ODYSSEY, April, pp. 7-8 (2013).


Gastrofysik: videnskab, velsmag, velbefindende (O. G. Mouritsen) In Søforklaringer, Aarhus University Press, in press (2013).


MEMPHYS-Center for Biomembrane Physics (O. G. Mouritsen) BioZoom 1, 9-16 (2012).


Book review. The Kitchen as Laboratory. Edited by César Vega, Job Ubbink, and Erik van der Linden. Columbia University

Press, New York, 2012 (O. G. Mouritsen) Flavour 1 :1 5 (2012).


Tang - det grønne guld fra det blå hav (O. G. Mouritsen) FOOD Festival Magazine pp. 54-55 (2012).


Velsmag - sådan virker det (H. Khandelia and O. G. Mouritsen) Aktuel Naturvidenskab 4, 6-9 (2012).


Aktive membraner med Na$^+$/K$^+$-pumper. Lipid-proteinvekselvirkninger i biologiske membraner. (H. Bouvrais, F. Cornelius, J. H. Ipsen , and O. G. Mouritsen) Dansk Kemi 12, 14-15  (2012).


Membranen sladrer om membranpumpers funktion (H. Bouvrais, F. Cornelius, J. H. Ipsen , and O. G. Mouritsen) Aktuel Naturvidenskab 6, 42-47 (2012).

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