A bit of history

A bit of history

From 2001-2012 MEMPHYS was a national center of excellence under the Danish National Research Foundation with locations at the University of Southern Denmark, University of Roskilde, and the Technical University of Denmark, see MEMPHYS-2001-2012 and MEMPHYS-Short history. From 2012-2017, MEMPHYS continued to be a cross-disciplinary and cross-departmental center at the University of Southern Denmark.

Due to the seroius manegerial problems at the University of Southern Denmark, the scientists, for the benefit of science, detached in 2017 the MEMPHYS brand from the university and turned MEMPHYS into the international and interdisciplinary research network it is today. Some of the documentation behind this move is provided below.

Open letter to the international scientific community from Luis Bagatolli, Jonathan Brewer, Lars Duelund, Per Lyngs Hansen, John Hjort Ipsen, Himanshu Khandelia, Beate Klösgen, Michael Lomholt, Ole G. Mouritsen and David Needham (May 2016)

The international response to the open letter (August 2016)

The full story about how the SDU management treated MEMPHYS (in Danish)