Welcome to Center for Biomembrane Physics (Memphys location), University of Southern Denmark, Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy. Memphys is an interdisciplinary research center concerned with parallel experimental, theoretical, and simulational research within the broad fields of physics, molecular biophysics, and physical chemistry of macromolecules, soft interfaces, and biological membranes and the interaction of these systems with foreign molecules like drugs. The focus is on developing molecular descriptions of the physical and physico-chemical properties of lipid-membrane systems and investigating how these properties control membrane function. Results of the fundamental research are applied within drug delivery, biotechnology, and food science.

Center Secretary Ulla Lauritsen
T/M: +45 6550 3506 

Center Director Ole G. Mouritsen
Tel: +45 6550 3528



Postal address
SDU - Memphys
Campusvej 55
DK-5230 Odense M